Moisture Mitigation

With over 25 million square feet of successful moisture vapor mitigation systems installed, All Commercial Floors has a mitigation experience breadth second to none.

While our volume of experience is unparalleled, the fact that the vast majority of these installations are in acute healthcare facilities with sheet vinyl or sheet rubber flooring makes the depth of experience unsurpassed.

Simply put, the breadth and depth of our experience solving moisture vapor emission challenges is simply stunning. No other installer, or manufacturer, can boast this much success concentrated in such challenging environments.

We Help Our Clients in Three Ways

For those planning a project, we can help create a design that will limit the problem, and usually avoid it completely.

For those already committed to a design, we can help reduce cost by preventing problems before they happen.

For those who already have a moisture vapor emission problem, we can help develop the highest value solution for each circumstance.


Our approach to moisture mitigation in healthcare environments begins with our understanding that flooring failures are simply not an option. Healthcare floors must work all of the time, every time.

We install healthcare floors that are designed to withstand:

  • High rolling wheel loads
  • 24 hour per day use
  • Rigorous and unusually frequent cleaning

We understand that often the largest revenue streams in healthcare are derived in the areas with flooring most susceptible to moisture vapor emission issues. Areas such as: OR's, LDR's, ICU's, Cath Labs, Invasive Treatment Rooms, etc., not only require the right product design, they require an installation plan that accounts for patient treatment cycles and ICRA requirements.

We work with our healthcare customers to ensure that all of these basis are identified and covered in the flooring plan….particularly in occupied facilities. We can even provide ICRA compliance and monitoring to provide the most streamlined and cost effective installation possible.


While many of our healthcare focused techniques are not needed in the normal commercial application, the fact that our expertise includes them means that our solutions tailored for the commercial application consider the best industry practices available in providing the lowest cost solutions for each environment.

Vendor Partners

  • Concure
  • Ardex
  • Koester
  • Advanced Moisture Control
  • BASF MV Block

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